Subject: Somewhere.... November 15, 2010
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Somewhere I know there is an Island that's missing me.
Somewhere there is a mountain I need to climb.
Somewhere there is a place I need to be.
Somewhere in my journey of dreams......The World Is Mine.

By Keron @ 06:02PM PST

Subject: Travel Effects April 15, 2010
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This photo of Capital Hill was taken on January 19, 2009, the day before the Inaugural Ceremony of the 54th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama.
Today, April 15, 2010, here in the U.S., as many citizens and residents race to the finish line (or rather) dead line to file their State and Federal Income Tax -- For many others, their Holiday and Vacation travel plans came to a halt. Thousands of travelers heading to and from Europe are left in limbo as a volcanic eruption in Iceland shut down airports worldwide. This caused one of the largest disruptions to global air travel since the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

Fortunately, the global travel industry was able to restore confidence in its global travelers and stabilize its economic growth. Although this latest disruption has delayed my travel plans to Berlin, Germany, I will embark upon another great travel destination and share more of my exciting travel experiences!

Globally Yours,

By Keron @ 08:10PM PST

Subject: Travel Journey April 1, 2010
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Everyone has their own reasons for traveling to various destinations. For me, it is the journey -- not the destination that keeps me traveling. This picture above was taken as my friend and I were leaving Austria, on our way back to Munich, Germany. We were passing through the ski resort area of Tyrol. The rear view from the car was absolutely beautiful! Although the picture I took is also beautiful -- in my opinion -- it does not compare to the up-close-and-personal view. It was breathtaking! I can always go back to the town and experience its culture and spectacular snow topped mountains, but the journey of this road trip was a once in a life time experience. Which is why I will always, Experience Travel!

By Keron @ 08:15PM PST

Subject: Munich, Germany 2009 January 20, 2010
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This is the Globally Infamous "HOFBRAUHAUS" in Munich, Germany.

By Keron @ 11:42AM PST

Subject: 1y-1m-1w-1d Later November 11, 2009
One Year; One Month; One Week; One Day; -- To the day since my last blog entry. My first recognition goes out to all veterans who have supported and defended this nation and its people on many lands. My heart and gratitude go out to you all on this 11th Day of November, 2009!

Now -- What's been up with Global Fever? Well, 2009 started out with a bang, with the inauguration of the first African American President of the United States of America -- Barack Obama! And with great pleasure, I was up close and personal to witness the swearing in and the passing in of the Presidential throne from Bush to Obama! --- The day was filled with chaos and peace, cold hands and warm hearts in freezing temperatures. Massive crowds throughout the land but there were many who lent a helping hand.

My friends and I felt like we literally walked across the states of Maryland and Virginia to get to the Capitol building in Washington, D.C.! -- And if given the opportunity again, I would NOT alter one step in the freezing weather. I was part of global history! A history that is still in the making..........

Gratefully, Globally Yours,


By Keron @ 04:53PM PST

Subject: Updates Await! October 4, 2008
Hello Fellow Travelers,

It's been over a month since my last entry and unfortunately it's not because I've been traveling but because I've been working nonstop on bringing new products and information to the site. The soon to be seen products and updated travel info and tips will help most travelers breeze through the holiday travel season in the coming months.

Speaking of breeze, I am currently in the windy city of Chicago. I've been here of two days working with my good friend Denise of Wedding Essentials on decorating her booth at the National Bridal Market Chicago. You can find out more about her wedding product @ and look for Denise Gardiner and her products soon on

Friday, October 3, was our first full day in Chicago and most of the day was spent decorating the booth for Wedding Essentials. The booth and the products were greeted with much praise and enthusiasm. Later that evening we had a fabulous dinner at McCormick & Schmick's in downtown Chicago. After dining on fine wine, sea food, Filet Mingon, and the best Crème Brule either of us have ever had " we walked a nice breezy mile back to our hotel. Being from Southern California and just leaving 90-degree weather we were not accustomed to a windy 50 degrees in early October sad. What can I say…. "We Southern Californians are thankfully spoiled by the consistency in the weather." However, we are in some respect, deprived of the beautiful changes of Nature with the four seasons - Yes Californians, there are two more season after Spring and Summer, they’re called Fall and Winter wink.

Anyway, we made great contacts for our first day at the bridal mart and I know the next 3-day will be even greater!

Globally Yours,


By Keron @ 09:29PM PST

Subject: I'm Back! August 23, 2008
OMG! I believe I'm in heaven!

That was my first reaction and first impression on my first day on the stone rock beach in Nice, France and that was only 7 days ago. Once I was over the mini shock to my semi conservative view of partial nudity, I quickly realized and accepted that topless sunbathing was a thing of the norm amongst the frequent frolickers of the French Riviera. After a quick gasp, I excitingly grasped the fact that I could not leave without soaking up as much local flavor as I could. So, I did it! Yes, I sunbathed French style! That was the longest 30 seconds I have ever experienced. cool eh?

Now when I hear people talking about the topless beach goers on the French Riviera or anywhere outside the U.S. I can honestly say, "been there, done that, actually twice." I almost forgot about my first encounter with topless sunbathers on the black lava beaches of Santorini, Greece but that was back in the day when I was young and carefree. Maybe more young than carefree but it was still an exciting experience.

Back to the city itself, Nice is also a carefree and laid back city even with the expensive price tag. Never the less, the experience is priceless! Although I was on a tight budget -- my friend Barb called it a "cash diet," we were able to take two separate day trips to Monaco & Monte Carlo and Cannes. I absolutely loved Monte Carlo or maybe I was just infatuated with all the posh yachts docked as we walked along the Marina. I am also fascinated with the Royal Family of Monaco and all their royal family drama -- but what's a family without a little drama.

As for Cannes, let's just say I'm glad I saw it first hand but in my opinion, it was a little too Hollywood or rather the French version of Hollywood. My Hollywood moment -- I posed for my "close up" on the famous red-carpeted stairs in front of the theater where they hold the Festival de Cannes, also known as the Cannes Film Festival. I think my expectations were slightly diminished when I saw the Donald Duck character soliciting for photo ops from the tourists in front of the theater. Live cartoon characters should only rove the grounds of an amusement park, not the streets of Cannes, France. But once again, this is only my opinion.

There is so much more to show and tell about my travels through the South of France so stay tuned for my upcoming articles and new pix in the Snapshot Gallery. Until then, all are welcomed and encouraged to comment on any blog post or travel inquiries.

Globally Yours,


By Keron @ 11:06PM PST

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